Exeter Golf Club Inc. – 2019 Code Of Conduct


Members, staff and guests of The Exeter Golf Club Inc. have the responsibility to:

  1. Abide by the spirit, etiquette and rules of golf as defined in the current edition of R&A Rules of Golf.
  2. Treat other members and Club staff fairly, equally and with respect.
  3. Follow any reasonable direction or requirement given by a Board Member or authorised member of the Club.
  4. Not physically or verbally harass others (fight, argue, ridicule, threaten, stalk etc).
  5. Not discriminate against any person.
  6. Not damage, steal or misuse Club property.
  7. Not be under the influence of illegal drugs.
  8. Not use offensive language or suggestions (swearing, gestures etc).
  9. Follow all Club safety practices and requirements.
  10. Refrain from behaviour that could offend or embarrass others.
  11. Maintain the harmony and good name of the Club and its members within the Club and outside in the community.
  12. Behave in an orderly manner and refrain from any misconduct.
  13. Abide by and uphold the Club’s Constitution and Code of Conduct.

The following shall constitute misconduct:

  • Disorderly, offensive or unacceptable behaviour/language whilst on the Club premises or representing the Club.
  • Disruption, interference or obstruction to any fellow member, member of staff or any property of the Club.
  • Sexual or racial harassment to any person while on Club premises or representing the Club.


Members are asked not to approach any Board member on the course to discuss any issue, unless a very serious breach of the Code of Conduct is made. All complaints should be made in writing and given/sent to the Club Secretary to be discussed with the Board. All complaints involving alleged misconduct will be dealt by the Board and if required a Disciplinary Committee will be formed by the Board to investigate the matter.


Conflict brought about by any breaches of the Code of Conduct by any Club member will be resolved calmly and with honesty, dignity and confidentiality. Where and when needed, the Club through the Board reserves the right to make decisions and enforce fair and appropriate measures to resolve a dispute within these areas of discipline or conflict. Any observed or reported breach or breaches of the Code of Conduct by any member will be investigated, discussed and dealt with by the Board by either reprimand, suspension or revoking of the Club membership.

This Code of Conduct was unanimously endorsed by Club members at the Annual General Meeting held on the 14th September 2019.